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The Ferndale Residents Association (FRA) is a group of residents who volunteer to initiate and lead projects for the upliftment of the community. Through YOUR involvement and monthly membership contributions, the FRA is able to initiate projects that will ultimately lead to the overall betterment of our neighbourhood and ensure that our neighbourhood is a lasting legacy for future generations. Our main focus areas include:
  • Leading security upgrades for the suburb such as: Establishing a Community Block Watch (area patrolling ) in conjunction with  local stakeholders including but not limited to Randburg SAPS ,Randburg CPF and Local security companies. Promoting security education with domestic workers
  • Enhancing Environmental Development: Laising  with Johannesburg City Parks and Johannesburg Metro Police Department  to initiate projects such as clean-up of open spaces ( in particular the Ferndale Spruit) , planting of trees and the general beautification in and around our suburb .
  • Communicating  and liasing  closely with local security companies to install  monitoring systems and  identify hot spots  in an effort to  reduce  crime levels
  • Promoting community involvement through the appointment of street captains :  Street captains are responsible for indentifying all residents within their assigned street
  • Regular engagement with Ward Councilors  and City of Johannesburg to assist residents with the regular escalation  and resolution of outstanding issues
  • Act as a central point of information for residents bringing residents together


In order to help grow the community, our elected committee assists in the following areas:
We aim to promote security education amongst our domestic staff and implement security patrol guards in and around our beloved Ferndale spruit. Established a Community watchblock forum under with the Randburg SAPS and CPF.
Spruit Committee
Encourage more residents to join and contribute on a monthly basis. Provide FRA member signage to all contributing members.
Infrastructure and Maintenance
Maintain the cleanliness of our roads and sidewalks. Maintain orderly working of street lights. Ensure that potholes are filled and repaired as soon as possible. Ensure that street bins are emptied regularly and on time. Ensure streets are painted and properly marked.
Problem Properties
Encourage residents to report problem properties and illegal businesses. FRA to liaise with the City Council to enforce implementation of better property management and address ALL enviro-health issues.
Communication & Awareness
Maintain continuous communication with residents . Broaden the FRA database by reaching out to more households through the implementation of earmarked projects.

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P.O.Box 4773, Cresta,2118
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E-mail: info@myferndale.co.za Phone: 011 886 6677