If your bin has been damaged or stolen, you can now apply for a replacement bin.

Pikitup, the waste management company of the City of Johannesburg, has stockpiled a significant number of bins, but you must follow the process outlined below to have your bin replaced:

1. What to do if your bin has been stolen

Report your bin as stolen at a police station nearest to your place of residence, obtain a case number and have your municipal account ready before calling the City’s Call Centre to make an application for bin replacement. This process applies to both domestic and business customers.

2. What to do if your bin is damaged

Report the damaged bin through the City’s Call Centre number and also be in possession of your account number when applying for your bin to be replaced

3. What to do when requesting for an additional bin

Call the City’s Call Centre number and have your account number ready. You will be issued with a reference number which will be used to issue an additional bin. However in such instances, you will be required to pay for the cost of the additional bins.

The reference number will then be referred to a Pikitup official who will attend to your request. On delivery of the bin, you must sign the bin delivery document as proof that you have received the bin.

Take note that no bin request will be processed without a reference number.

The process to apply for a new bin is in line with Pikitup’s bin management policy. In terms of the policy, Pikitup will only replace a damaged bin at no cost to the customer, but lost or stolen bins will only be replaced for free once in a bin’s useful life. The current useful life span of a bin is eight (8) years.

In relation to sectional title properties, Pikitup will provide bins equal to the lower number of units in the complex or bins equal to the space available to store bins in such properties. You may only apply for a bin if you are a property owner or a managing agent of such a property.

If you are a tenant wishing to apply for a bin, you must first submit a letter of authority from the owner or the managing agent of the property for your application to be processed.

You must immediately place your bin inside your property after it has been emptied to prevent criminals from stealing it.

To have your bin replaced, call the City of Johannesburg Call Centre number: 011 375 5555 or 086 0562874 and press option 4 for Pikitup.

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