WhatsApp Rules & Regulations

Thank you for your interest in joining you’re the FRA WhatsApp community.

The aim of these groups is:

  • Create community awareness and togetherness
  • Uplift the area and support each other
  • Provide information pertaining to the safety of the community, i.e. suspicious or unusual behaviours or vehicle within the area
  • Provide information to the community, for and about the community


Please read through the rules below so that you have an idea of what can and cannot be said or shared on these groups.

  • Content shared on these groups is for FRA members ONLY. Content from these groups may NOT be shared with any third party unless otherwise specified.
  • Crime related information is sensitive as it can impact on the apprehension on the criminal/s and their prosecution therefore it is advised that we apply cautiously.
  • NO jokes, religious comments, hate speech, racism, politics, and vulgar language is allowed.
  • Be respectful and polite
  • Be mindful that there are user of all ages within the group (especially children)
  • Admins reserves the right to remove members who won’t adhere to these rules and/or Admins’ instructions.


We have established three WhatsApp Groups for the FRA.

In addition to the aforementioned rules, kindly familiarise yourself with the three groups; their individual purpose and sub rules. If residents want to be informed then they must join all the notifications group OR at the very least FRA SOS Security and FRA Notifications.


  1. FRA SOS Security
  • This is NOT a chat group.
  • It is in place to report suspicious behaviour / concerns/ information in and around our area.
  • If you have an emergency, crisis and need URGENT help/assistance.
  • This group does NOT replace SAPS or your armed response company.
  • No advertising will be permitted on this group.


  1. FRA Notifications
  • FRA Notifications is used to promote and share other activities and events in our area that have positive impact on the community. This includes community building events.
  • Ward Info, Crime reports, Lost and Found and other important info that affects the residents.
  • No advertising will be permitted on these groups.


  1. FRA General Chit Chat
  • No additional restrictions